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Air and Water

Our two best health maintenance tools are absolutely free. Without them we won't live long and yet we take them for granted and even forget about them.

Good breathing and drinking water.

When we breathe properly our whole body is involved. As the lungs expand fully our internal organs are massaged and we experience an inner stretch which exercises our muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Our spine also gets a good stretch and the rhythm of breathing in and out helps pump our cerebral spinal fluid and lymph.

A good breathe begins in the belly, moves up to the chest and the shoulders as we breathe in and then the process is reversed as we breathe out. Try it. Notice how it gives you a good stretch and how energising it is.

Not putting water into your body is like not putting oil in your car. The body prioritises where it sends water and the internal organs get it first. The brain, which is very water dependent to work well, is not at the top of the list, neither are your muscles. So, if you are not drinking enough your ability to think clearly and to feel energised will be impaired and you are more likely to have aches and pains in your muscles.

So, 2 key tips for good health - work on good breathing and drink plenty of water.

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