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Mind Your Language

Language has a profound effect on our bodies, right down to the level of our DNA. The words we use can encourage our energy to flow and boost our confidence or they can do the opposite.

For example how often do you use the word try? Have you ever actually succeeded in something you've 'tried' to do? As Yoda so eloquently puts it, 'Do or not do, there is no try.'

The body does not understand 'try' because it can only do or not do.

Tell yourself that you are trying to do something and observe how that feels in your body. It feels really hard work to me and my confidence dips. Now tell yourself you are aiming to do the same thing or having a go at it and notice how your energy and body feelings change accordingly.

We feel bad when others put us down. It's no different when we put ourselves down, we respond in exactly the same way. We may not be able to change the way others talk about us but we certainly can when we talk to ourselves about ourselves. Notice how your energy is when you put yourself down and how it changes when you compliment yourself.

Mind your language.

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