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In putting together my new Energy You workshop I realise more and more how important understanding ourselves as beings of energy being is to our health and well-being. To simply apporach ourselves as physical beings, and only intervene at this level, is like trying to solve a computer problem by constantly taking the hard drive apart and never once giving any consideration to what's happening in the software.

If we really want to understand ourselves as human beings, and the world in which we live, we cannot seperate the energetic from the physical. The division is an arbitrary illusion created by us because we feel more comfortable with what we can see with our eyes (even if it means using powefrful micrscopes and telescopes).

But we can only see around 0.4% of the matter that actually reflects light - never mind the matter that doesn't. Perhaps it is time to stop insisting that we have to see it in order to believe that it's real. 

When you use every cell in your body to 'see' instead of just your eyes the world is a very different much greater place. The persepctive changes and understanding is an experiential thing felt in every cell, every atom of your being. It is much easier to percieve the path to healthy balance from this persepctive because your software has been engaged.

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